Rental Information


 * There is a required deposit of $500 for each rental.  That amount will be charged when the reservation is made. 

 * Deposits are fully refundable if the trailer is returned in the same condition as it was received. 

      - Removal of all beer, liquor, and trash is required by time of pickup.

      - If there was any damage, there may be an additional charge.



 * Each trailer will be delivered for your event.

 * Standard delivery distance is 50 miles from Clearwater, FL. 

 * Anything beyond 50 miles will have an additional fee.

Rental Times

 * Units are able to be rented for half days (5 hours) and full days (8 hours).

 * Multiple day rentals are available upon request.

 * For time beyond the rental agreement, there is a charge of $100 per hour.  

Set up

 * Set up and tear down is included in the base price of each package.

 * Set up will be completed 1 hour before the event.

 * If earlier set up is needed, a surcharge may apply.  


 * To ensure the trailer is permitted at the venue, please provide approval from the venue.

 * Units can go inside a venue, but an overhead door of 11' high is needed.  Contact us for specifications for each unit.


 * You can supply everything you need or we can help you.  Contact us to discuss requests.

 * 12 stools come with each package.  Extra can be provided at a surcharge.

 * We can help you stock the bar.

       - Call your local liquor store or beer distributor to place your order and pay with your credit card.  We will pick it up for you and get the bar ready for your event.

      - #61A-1-020


 * You can use your own or we can provide references.

 * Call to discuss your needs.

Electrical Requirements

 * 120V, 30AMP

 * Unit needs to be within 30' of hookup.

 * If electrical requirements are not available, a generator can be provided.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

* There is to be no smoking within 10 feet of the trailer.